PC sound turns itself off

  SheilaB 09:15 02 Mar 06

I'm using Windows XP - now and again (but often enough to became annoying!) my sound diappears - can happen with CDs, MP3s and BBC 'play again', so I don't think it's the media.

When I open the sound settings, only the microphone has a mute tick. Rebooting solves the problem, but takes forever when you're busy ...

Any ideas what might be causing this? As an ex production engineer, my gut feel is that it's apparently random and not connected to using any particular application. I wonder though if Skype might be involved - I seem to remeber it happening before Skype was installed though.

Control Panel says all the hardware is installed and working OK.

  welshwizard712 11:41 02 Mar 06


I reccomend maybe uninstalling and reinstalling your sound drivers.

Your theory about Skype might be correct, as I know personally Skype dominated your sound settings.



  Gongoozler 15:33 02 Mar 06

It could be a resource conflict. If your sound is on a PCI card, try it in a different slot.

  SheilaB 15:36 02 Mar 06

I'n using a laptop, so can't change card

  Gongoozler 15:46 02 Mar 06

In that case it has to be software that is causing this to happen, and Skype is as likely as any other.

  SheilaB 15:53 02 Mar 06

Thanks, guys and / or gals!

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