PC Slowed Down

  Duncanf 12:05 13 Oct 06

For some reason, suddenly it's taking a long time (30secs and more) to get 'Google' Page to appear when I click Internet Explorer. It normally has been instantaneous. Also other web pages are taking much longer than yesterday. I haven't added any software or done anything unusual that I'm aware of. I am Windows XP Pro and have 1Gb memory installed.

  Totally-braindead 12:13 13 Oct 06

Internet speeds will vary according to many things including how many people are online at the time, the more people online the slower it gets. Suggest you try disconnecting and reconnecting a couple of times and perhaps try it a bit later and see if its the same.

  Duncanf 12:23 13 Oct 06

Thank you for your suggestion. Perhaps that is the reason. It took over 2 minutes to refresh the PC Advisor Helproom page just now when previously it has been immediate.
Thanks again.

  birdface 12:30 13 Oct 06

Duncanf,Hi you are not with NTL are you, Having similar problems,Especialy with this site.

  Duncanf 15:17 13 Oct 06

Sorry, buteman...been away from PC. No, I'm not NTL. I'm Orange and this is the worst I've ever seen this. It's taking ages to get any page loaded.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:28 13 Oct 06

Also on orange and very slow to load pages this afternoon.

  Cymro. 15:39 13 Oct 06

I am with B.T. and get much the same sort of problem trouble is that it is so erratic that I can`t put it down to anything but B.T. and their line speed etc.

  Duncanf 16:35 13 Oct 06

Thank you Fruit Bat /\0/\ and Cymro.
I feel a bit better now! Probably not my fault after all! I'll assume this is resolved.

  birdface 16:36 13 Oct 06

Funny most broadband providers are having trouble on the same day.Wonder if there is anything going about, that has not been detected yet,I find it is effecting the PCA site the most, Keep getting cut off when attempting to post a reply,

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