PC Shuts down

  cactusjack 22:59 21 Sep 06

I have an Evesham PC that I have had for nearly 3 years now. For the first time, I suffered from 3 shut downs tonight.

My memory stick was plugged in at the time during the first shutdown. After each shut down, I couldn't switch the PC on again by pressing the button on the front. I had to reach around to the power switch on the back and turn it off and on again. Then the PC started up. These shut downs happened one after another...

During the second shutdown my memory stick was also plugged in, but wasn't plugged in during the third shutdown.

It is strange since this has never happened before, and I have used this same memory stick for months. There were no additional USB devices plugged in at the same time.

I dare not plug the same USB memory stick again now...

30 mins after the last shutdown, the PC seems to be working ok. Other memory sticks plugged in don;t seem to cause a problem.

Does anyone know why this problem may have started out of the blue like this?

  User-312386 23:02 21 Sep 06

sounds like the PSU may be starting to fail

  cactusjack 23:05 21 Sep 06

My PC has a 3 year onside warranty, I have approx 3 months till expiry.

Would this be something that warrants a visit from Evesham?

Also, is it common for PSUs to fail after just less than 3 years of use?

I am quite worried, since I reply a lot on my PC for work at home...

  User-312386 23:08 21 Sep 06

you had better check by plugging your usb stick in again and see if the problem occurs again

Back up all your data first

  cactusjack 00:26 22 Sep 06

Put the memory stick in, all is ok now...

Maybe it was overheating... My fans are very very loud, and have been like this for at least 2 years.

  monty34 10:44 22 Sep 06

hi,you should check if your heatsink is clogged up with dust and dirt,if you havent cleaned it in 3 years. Check the temperature of your cpu if the fans are loud then it might be overheating. I had to do this recently and it made huge difference to cpu temperature.

  cactusjack 22:01 01 Oct 06

Many thanks for all of your replies.

Since the day it happened, my computer has not suffered any sudden shut-downs with power (has been 10 days - but I have not used that particular memory stick).

Tonight I put the same memory stick back in, and 15 mins later, the PC loses power and shuts down. The other memory sticks I used during the week caused no power problems.

So it is definitely this one memory stick that causes the problem... It is strange, I bought the memory stick 3 months ago, and it has not caused problems before. All of a sudden last week it causes these problems.

This leads me to my final question on this topic. Are there big differences in quality between memory sticks? - i.e. are some memory sticks of a better quality than others and justify paying a higher price?

Many thanks.

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