pc shutdown problem

  suzie005 17:11 05 Jan 06

friend of mine had a problem a few mths ago and i'm not sure if this is related.

windows starts np and gets as far as when the icons start appearing on desktop.the pc then shuts itself down.is there a solution?



  RobCharles1981 17:18 05 Jan 06

First thing I would do is check that all the Fans inside the PC are working if they are good, the next step might be overheating, due too lack of poor air ventilation , another factor might be a dodgy PSU, or Memory good luck

  Skyver 17:23 05 Jan 06

Hit F8 before you see the XP logo, select Last Known Good configuration, or Safe Mode if the former still reboots. If you can get that far check your system files; Startmenu/Run, type `sfc /scannow`, have your XP CD handy.
No need to start opening your PC yet, though what Rob_23_Wales suggests are possibilities.
Test memory by creating a bootable floppy disk with this click here

  007al 17:24 05 Jan 06

Do you get a blue screen,or it turns off completely?

  suzie005 17:42 05 Jan 06

thanks 4 that


i've passed ur message on but it's hard doing everything by fone.he DIDN'T get a cd when he bought the pc ( from pcw over 2 yrs ago).he didn't even realise he needed one.i followed the link but i'm afraid i don't understand wot 2 do.


it switches off when it's booting up.

as i said in the beginning.he did have problems a while ago

click here

he has had problems since he had a power supply problem in the house that has now been recktified.the modem has never been right and he had noticed that it flashed red when the pc was booting up.

  Skyver 17:48 05 Jan 06

Can your friend get it to boot properly in Safe mode?

  suzie005 17:54 05 Jan 06

just heard that his keyboard isn't working now

  Ikelos 17:58 05 Jan 06

If you PM me your address, and get the PC round to your place I will pop in and sort it out, be there in a few hours, will that do?


  suzie005 18:03 05 Jan 06

sorry but i only give out my email address.i cud give u that and u cud send me ur CV and we can go from there.i no it'll take longer but a girl has 2 be careful these days.

  Ikelos 18:07 05 Jan 06

very glad to see you are so careful, you can not be too careful these days.

CV on its way.....

  suzie005 18:37 05 Jan 06

ty v much.i'll be in touch soon.

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