PC security.

  Granny. 14:41 13 Nov 05

I`ve got the usual security on my computer, firewall. antivirus, adaware and Spywareblaster, but some friends have had major problems,with suspected hacking, virus attacks and so on.
This made me wonder if my security was good enough, and today I was sent this link about a "privacy doctor"
click here
and I wondered if any of you know anything know anything about it? As I am very wary about downloading something that I know nothing about.

  Carbonara 14:45 13 Nov 05

I wouldn't give this houseroom, plus, it will probably cost money!

  VoG II 14:46 13 Nov 05

That program won't prevent you from catching viruses. It is very unlikely that you would get hacked on a home PC.

If you want a good program to delete the rubbish that acumulates when using the internet, I recommend CleanUp! click here

It is both free and excellent.

  Forum Editor 14:46 13 Nov 05

of this particular tool, but beware of installing all kinds of things which promise to keep you safe.

The protection you already have will be sufficient - provided you keep it up to date.

  Granny. 14:57 13 Nov 05

Thank you very much, you`ve been a great help as always, so I`ll stick with what I`ve got and not download it.
Thanks fellas.

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