PC running 98 SE won't recognise all installed RAM

  Fish 21:25 24 Aug 03

Socket 370 Aopen M'board 800mhz processor. Spec. says it will accept 512 sdram which I have installed, it only recognises 255. Have tried all suggested answers in Helpfile, ziltch! Anyone know a better trick?

  Djohn 02:23 25 Aug 03


  Megatyte 02:35 25 Aug 03

How many memory modules are installed? What 'suggested answers ' have you tried?


  jimv7 08:47 25 Aug 03

Win 98 cannot address more than 384 mb of ram.

I believe that you can use 3rd party software to overcome this, others might know which programmes to use.

Meanwhile, if you have 2x256 sticks of ram, remove 1, puter will be much happier.

  jazzypop 08:59 25 Aug 03

Not true at all.

W98 will happily work with 512MB RAM. More than that can cause system instability on some machines, but there are workarounds available if you really want to go above 512.


As Megatyte has said, please list what options you have already tried.

Are you using 2x256 modules? Did you buy them at the same time? Are they the same spec?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:25 25 Aug 03

errrrm...my W98 machine runs 512Mbs quite happily.


  seedie 12:33 25 Aug 03

Did you buy the RAM recommended for your motherboard. I had a problem like this years ago. Bought 64 meg and only 32 showed up. Was due to module being single sided.

  User-312386 12:59 25 Aug 03

swap them round and see what happens

  DieSse 13:07 25 Aug 03

What seedie saya may well be the answer - due to internal organisation of RAM modules, some of the newer modules only show as half capacity on older motherboards.

A common way of referring to the newer modules is "single-sided" - tho' actually it's more complex than that, to do with the way the modules are addressed.

Systems based on Intel BX/LX chipsets usually (always?) have this issue.

The cure is to get the correct type of modules.

  Fish 22:48 25 Aug 03

The RAM modules that came out had *chips* on both sides. the new ones have them only on one side. is that what you mean?

  DieSse 22:53 25 Aug 03


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