PC to Router range problem

  lil27 21:30 10 Aug 07

I have just set up a wireless connection to my NTL broadband cable modem using a Belkin G+ router. Everything works fine as long as I am within about 20 feet of my router (located upstairs). As I go further away from the router my connection signal strength goes weeker as expected but I would expect my PC to identify and connect to router from downstairs at least. I lose connection to Router altogether from approx 20+ feet or so away i.e. downstairs.

Additional to that, my pc does not identify any other networks in my area when i know they exist. My neighbour brought his laptop to my house and can detect my Belkin Router from anywhere in the house. This leads me to think that my Router is ok but my Mini Card wireless adapter in my notebook is not. The adaptor is a standard 802.11g mini wireless adaptor supplied with the laptop. Any help with this would be appreciated as I really want to use my laptop downstairs.

  mgmcc 09:07 12 Aug 07

You don't say how old the laptop is. One of the weaknesses in some laptops with built-in WiFi is that the aerial is located in the lid and, eventually, the repeated opening and closing of the laptop can break the cable to the aerial, as indeed it can with the screen cable itself.

If this has happened, it might explain why you can only detect a wireless router which is within a few feet of the laptop. The solution, other than having the laptop serviced, might be to install a USB or PCMCIA wireless adapter.

  Dipso 15:10 12 Aug 07

Interesting point about the built in aerial...could explain some issues I'm having, thanks.

  lil27 15:28 12 Aug 07


Thanks for the response. My laptop was bought about 3 weeks ago so would like to think a break in the wire is not the problem.

  mgmcc 23:29 12 Aug 07

<<< My laptop was bought about 3 weeks ago >>>

Might be worth having it checked out under warranty as the aerial might still have become detached from the wireless adapter.

  Dipso 00:26 13 Aug 07

Duplicate post click here

  lil27 12:37 13 Aug 07

Duplicate post by me - sorry for confusion

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