PC restored to factory settings - amlware ???

  Podracer 19:58 29 Mar 09

I have a modern HP computer (approx 4 months old) with two 500GB hard drves, and up to date with AVG antivirus. One HD is used for the operating system and all user files, and the second is used as a backup for the user files, and is backed up reguarly. This week, when booting, the computer was very slow, and when it did eventually load, it had restored itself completely to all factory settigs, including the back up drive which was now empty and deviod of all the back up files. Malware ??? And is the malwware likely still to be around, and how should I check if it is? Any other thoughts very welcome.

  Gongoozler 09:27 30 Mar 09

I always find the free A-squared very effective for finding malware click here. First try a quick scan, this checks all the most likely files. Then when you don't mind leaving the computer for possibly a few hours, do a deep scan. This checks every file on your computer.

  birdface 09:37 30 Mar 09

You have not tried to repair I.Explorer by going to Tools.Internet Options.Advanced.And pressing reset have you.
I did it once and it took me back to the original factory settings.I had to do a system restore to get back to my usual settings.
If you did this you will also have to open Spywareblaster and enable all of the protection again on that.

  rdave13 10:00 30 Mar 09

I've never heard of any malware that resets a PC to factory settings before but there's always a first time I suppose. Personally I'd contact the supplier, as the PC is only four months old, and see what they say. It was slow booting up as it was going through the process of restoring and it just might be a bug in the programming?
If no joy there try HP's help and support and see what they think; click here

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