Gapper 22:53 23 Aug 06

HI I BUILT my own pc not so long ago and ever since i fisrt turned it on ive hat to press enter
after it said booting from disk , dist boot failiure insert system disk and pres enter

and i took the side panel off to clean the dust off i put it back together and now when i turned it back on it will get to the press enter bit but then restarts then i here a beep and all the lights on my keybord light up

i was told by a friend that i had a hard drive hardwere failier so i bought a new hard drive
and tried re installin windows the light comes on the drive but keep doing what it was doin before

  woodchip 23:08 23 Aug 06

Disk Boot failiure could be you have not created the the Hard Drive Partition right, or it could be damaged hard drive

  Gapper 23:09 23 Aug 06

but its the same with both new and old

  Gapper 23:10 23 Aug 06

sorry im only 14 whats Partition

  woodchip 23:15 23 Aug 06

Partition is where the hard drive info is stored. Master Boot Record or for short MBR. Did you use a XP CD to load the Operating System as this should take care of all that

  Gapper 23:20 23 Aug 06

i put the xp disk in and it worked the second time and i chose to repair the disk but the pc crashed completly but no luck with the new hard drive

  Gapper 23:22 23 Aug 06

it wont even start in safe mode

  Gapper 23:32 23 Aug 06

please help

  SANTOS7 23:40 23 Aug 06

Are you saying now your PC will not startup at all Young gapper..

  Gapper 23:42 23 Aug 06

no i just have the same problem

  SANTOS7 23:52 23 Aug 06

I think a format and clean install is the way to go, as woodchip sugested if the MBR is corrupt a repair does not always work..

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