pc restarting itself

  j55ndy 11:59 14 Dec 04

Occasionally when completing various tasks or on opening a file my pc just dies as if theres been a powerfailure (although its definately not) and reboots itself, annoying to say the least. I am certain its come from the xp service pack which i deleted as i had no problems before this, it has become a bit more frequent of late so would like to put a stop to it before it gets worse,
pc is a time version with dvd and dvd burner, windows xp and is about 18 months old, no problems other than the restore not working (to dates before xp service pack), it works normally for dates after this.
Many thanks guys hope ive given enough info,

  Gongoozler 12:23 14 Dec 04

To resolve this completely will take quite a lot of detective work to find the cause. To start, try Control panel - Adninistrative tools - Event viewer. Look in both Application and System to see if there are any errors that coincide with the time of the rebooting. As a temporary fix also try Control panel - System, click the "Advanced" tab, go to bottom and under "Startup and recovery" click "Settings" then untick "Automatic restart". When your computer next encounters the cause of the problem, if it's not hardware related it may hang but shouldn't switch off.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:25 14 Dec 04

1. reinstall SP2 it may be corrupt type sfc /scannow in the run box to check for missing/ corrupt system files

2. It may be heat related does it reboot under heavy loads?

  j55ndy 13:31 14 Dec 04

thanks gongoozler and fruitbat, i will try initial stuff and let you know, it doesnt seem to be under any particular heavy load but system is on most of time, is it better to put on standby or switch off completely.thinks heat may have something here! but was advised to leave on rather than start stop d few times daily, thanks guys

  Gongoozler 16:37 14 Dec 04

Hi j55ndy. Your computer should be quite happy being left on 24 hours a day, and if it isn't there is a problem. If you have a monitoring program in the omputer you should be able to keep an eye on the ctitical temperatures, but unless the computer is sucking a lot of dust in, I wouldn't expect it to have got dusty enough to worry about in 18 months. If your computer doesn't have its own monitoring program, then MBM5 is very good click here, just check the motherboard list to see if yours is included.

  j55ndy 17:38 14 Dec 04

ok thanks m8 will keep monitoring situation and let you know how it progresses, cheers

  Bris 19:02 14 Dec 04

Had a similar problem recently after install of SP2 but it took a few days to manifest itself. Turned out to be a new driver required for my PCI USB card and a buggy version of InCD. Downloaded both new versions from the .net now all OK.

Suggest you first follow any links that appear from XP messages as microsoft is pretty good these days at offering suggestions and in some cases will give chapter and verse and secondly list all of your third party plug in hardware etc and search for updated drivers. Also do a Windows update if you havnt already done so.

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