Pc Resets When Doing 'intensive' Tasks

  2drewej 20:01 09 Oct 07

Hi recently my pc has been restarting (sound joggs for a few seconds then the pc just cuts out and restarts) 5-10mins into doing intesive tasks - for example when playing a game or watching a video clip on the internet.
i have recently upgraded/replaced my ram (to 2gb) although have ran memtest and no problems were found.

i am running vista and have also upgraded the sound and grahics cards but this was a long time before this started happening.

any ideas?

thank you

  skidzy 20:06 09 Oct 07

Sounds like overheating.

  SANTOS7 20:10 09 Oct 07

Hey skidz whats cookin.

Sounds like some housekeeping is in order, ya need to get inside your PC and clear all dust and stuff from fans and CPU, if that fails it could be a PSU problem...

  thewasp 20:50 09 Oct 07

Had this on my pc a while back and it turned out to be bad capacitors on the mb, check for bulging or leaking caps.

  2drewej 22:03 09 Oct 07

thanks for your responses , well looked at the psu watts and it says 350 ..... could it be its underpowered?

it has a pentium d 820 and since i got it ive put in a geforce 7300gt , 5.1 sound card and 2 x 1gb sticks of ram...

new psu then??

  DieSse 22:19 09 Oct 07

It sounds more like overheating to me.

Immediately on reboot, see it you can look in the BIOS at the temperatures and fan speeds.

Also Everest (free) can monitor temperatures for you - download here click here and look at the temps/fan speeds under different load conditions.

Yes the system could be underpowered - but the temperature checks cost you nothing to do - unlike changing a PSU.

  2drewej 22:51 09 Oct 07

well i downloaded speedfan which has temperature readings

and it came up with 4 different 'sensor readings' two of which went up to 50-55c quite a bit but generally all of the readings stayed in 30-40c...?

  woodchip 22:56 09 Oct 07

PSU too weak, or Overheating CPU

  woodchip 22:58 09 Oct 07

This is typical of a Weak PSU, as You have done some Upgrades that may have stressed the PSU

  DieSse 00:14 10 Oct 07

They sound OK - so as has been suggested another culprit may be the PSU.

However it could also be a software problem.

Replacing the PSU is quick and simple, but will cost you some cash. Don't buy the cheapest you can find, it's false economy - get a decent branded one. 450watts would be more than enough, higher won't be a problem but don't spend more just to get higher.

Read here click here aboiut disabling the automatic reboot, so that you can see what error may be causing the system to shut down. And how to troubleshoot such issues.

  2drewej 16:54 10 Oct 07

i checked recent errors (im running vista) and i have been getting 'mcupdate.exe stopped working' at least 1/2 times a day , i think its related to windows media centre.

could it be somthing to do with that?

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