PC rebooting

  Gosford 19:30 27 Jun 05

My pc keeps rebooting and I thoght it may be something to do with the CPU or something getting a bit hot.

So can anyone tell me if these temperatures are within normal limits?

CPU 47 C

Hard drive 57C

System Temp 51 C

My CPU is an Athlon XP 2400 and my hard drive is a Maxtor 160GB.

  alan227 19:59 27 Jun 05

Your CPU temp is about normal, but your hard drive and system temp seem to be on the high side.
What program are you using to detect these temperatures?.

  Gosford 20:30 27 Jun 05

I'm using PC Health 4 from MSI to detect the CPU temp and HDD Thermometer from click here to get th hard drive temp.

Is a high temperature from the hard drive a sign that it could be about to fail?

  Gosford 22:52 27 Jun 05


  alan227 23:07 27 Jun 05

What make is your hard drive and what capacity.

  alan227 23:10 27 Jun 05

Sorry It should have said is it a Diamond max 9 or 10.

  rubella 23:13 27 Jun 05

Apart from your HD appearing very hot, your CPU temp being 4C less than your system temp strikes me as suspicious.

  Trackrat 23:20 27 Jun 05

I have 2 maxtor 80 gb drives and looking at the Maxtor information on safe temperatures it recommends between 5c & 55c
Both my drives run at 30c.
You can download this program to check for faults on your harddrive.

click here

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