PC re-build

  Blubottle 09:12 01 Mar 12

Hi I am looking to re build my PC as it is 8 years old now, taking advice from a friend. AMD phenom 2 4 core with 4 gig ram, large HDD, what is the advantage of 4 core processor. do all 4 cores run together or are they switchable, if so why. I am not a gamer.

  chub_tor 09:58 01 Mar 12

In practical operating terms for most normal "domestic" users a 4 core processor is not necessary. They will only run at optimum capacity if the software is written to take advantage of all 4 cores, so if you are not a gamer, a user of advanced Computer Aided Design software or involved in lots of video processing then you will see no advantage in having a 4 core processor.

That said however, the future is multi-core and just about all new processors being released are of this variety so if you want the latest designs that can be used with the most up to date memory and motherboards then 4 cores or more is the way to go.

  Blubottle 10:31 01 Mar 12



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