PC programs onto CD ??

Dont know if is the thing to do (or if it can be done??) (if you dont ask you wont know!!)

Laptop with windows 2000pro
office 2000

I have all the liecence numders for these. Can I (aand how) can I burn these onto disc ?? as a back if there was a problem with the laptop. TIA

  Stuartli 20:55 14 Aug 05

Providing they are intended purely as a backup copy, you could/can copy them using Nero onto a CD-R - the image method is the best rather than "on the fly."

  woodchip 21:03 14 Aug 05

The only way is to burn a Image of the C:\Drive With Acronis True Image

  Belatucadrus 21:05 14 Aug 05

I think that you can copy the original .exe instalation files if you have them on the drive, but copying something already installed will be difficult, you'd never track down all the relevant registry entries.

  PC Bilbo 21:11 14 Aug 05

You could make an "image" of the drive or partition that the O.S. is installed on.This way you can preserve all your applications and updates and restore exactly as it was or choose which Files you back up.

To do this you will need a software programmes like Norton Ghost, Paragon Drive back Up and Acronis True Image (Cost more but more user friendly).

Also have a look at Bart-PE. There was an article about using this in a recent PCA.If you don't have a DVD burner you need software that will organise so you can back up onto several ISO format CD's

Click on link for Bart
click here

  roygbiv 10:30 15 Aug 05

Thanks to all.

Stuartli = is it that simple? (how /what do i have to do, i have nero)

Do i need to copy the whole drive ? I just need the OS and office 2000 from the machine?

  DieSse 10:54 15 Aug 05

"Do i need to copy the whole drive ? I just need the OS and office 2000 from the machine?"

As it says above, you can't just copy off installed OS and/or programs. This is because changes are made on installation in folders you will not be aware of.

The best was to make a "safety copy" is to make an image of your olr system - this could then be re-copied onto another system - or with the rght program you can select items to restore - but not programs.

The nicest program to do this with is Acronis True Image, it's simple to use and an excellent investment for the future. Here is a link for a low cost version of TI click here - and a link for the free trial download click here (look for the download trial button)

  DieSse 11:13 15 Aug 05

olr = whole (how did my typing get that bad?)

  roygbiv 11:48 15 Aug 05

Sorry to asking stupid questions, I am disabled and somethings take a little to sink in.

All the advice given is (as always) a great help to me. Alan

  woodchip 12:53 15 Aug 05

I thought "splitting silly" had started this PLOT. Or am I missing something along the way

  roygbiv 13:05 15 Aug 05

I thought that in time everybody had worked it out "sorry"
"spilling silly" female of household

"roygbiv" male (partner) of household

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