tony1160 23:15 17 Sep 04

does anyone use the pitstop site to test there pc's and see how they compare .

  Cook2 23:47 17 Sep 04

I check about once a month to make sure I have all Chequered Flags. Latest Score 1048.

  Cook2 23:47 17 Sep 04

I check about once a month to make sure I have all Chequered Flags. Latest Score 1048.

  Simon_P 00:46 18 Sep 04

And prefer the, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it rule.
I have used it now just out of curiosity

Score 1567

I doubt I will bother again

  dagwoood 01:09 18 Sep 04

A score of 1567!! Is your pc modified with a view to world domination? ;0)

On a more serious note, I visit "The Pit" about once a week. This is just to see if it highlights any problems with my system and to see if my pc's "behaviour" has changed, i.e.see if a score for a particular test has changed much.

I have come to realise(with a little advice from other members on this forum)that benchmarking isn't the be all and end all. In saying that, it's easy enough just to run the tests and see if anything is glaringly amiss and needs addressing.


P.S.My score is round normaly about the 1350 mark. If we're not careful, this thread may turn into a "mines bigger than yours" thread.

  The Spires 01:47 18 Sep 04

I find it to be inaccurate which has caused many on here to dismantle their pc when there is nothing wrong.

  Simon_P 02:53 18 Sep 04


I don’t rely on benchmarking and believe that if there is something really amiss you can generally tell by system performance and this being web based will vary more than a localy installed program.
I don’t think My PC is ready for world domination yet, and on a serious note I build my own PC's for my needs which are mainly web building and photo editing (large files) so have 1.5GB ram and good graphics card

The Spires

I agree totally

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