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  terminalfailure 05:12 01 Sep 05

Is this program:-

a) Any good/Worth the investment

b) Safe

c) If any good are there any pitfalls(excuse Pun)

Thanks folks


  Diodorus Siculus 07:41 01 Sep 05

Good - yes, it does what it is supposed to do.

worth the money? - no - there are free options - there are few pieces of software out there that don't have a freeware alternative, even if the alternatives are not as polished.

safe? No software is ever guaranteed to be safe on every machine.

Get a decent registry cleaner (RegCleanXP), temp cleaner (crapCleaner) and defragmenter (diskkeeper lite) and you have all that you need to keep your machine maintained.

Together with a decent AV program and a firewall to monitor trafic, you will be fine.

  spuds 10:02 01 Sep 05

I use the PC Pitstop free scan on occasions,which seems to do a fair job, but as DS suggests, there are programmes out there that do a similar job and are free to use.

Save your money and try the freebies, at least you will not lose anything if they do not come upto your expectations.

  prince midas 13:31 25 Jan 06

I tried to download the free version of Pitstop but my computor came up with a message to let the program install an activex component .Is it safe and would you allow it?

  johnnyrocker 13:37 25 Jan 06

i believe it is a scan software and without it you will not get the working product


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