PC - PC transfer

  Thatslife 15:24 08 Aug 07

Got a new PC, beautiful core 2 quad :-) but I need to transfer all my data from my old PC.

In the past I've just swapped the HDDs over but I now have SATA and my old drives are PATA.

What cable should I use? I've looked around and can't seen to find a usb cable that has the same 'ends'. Any advice??



  Quiet Life 15:37 08 Aug 07

You cannot connect two PCs through USB with an ordinary cable. There are USB cables with special circuitry that can be used. 4GB flash drives are now pretty cheap otherwise you can use an enclosure for yor old harddrive and connect via USB.

  mad1234 15:41 08 Aug 07

flash drives are fine but if you have loads of info it can take an age.
i would probably network them together if you have the equipment to do that

  Thatslife 15:43 08 Aug 07

How do I network them???????

  octal 15:57 08 Aug 07

Don't try to connect two USB's together because they each carry power and if you try you'll almost certainly blow the computers up unless as Quiet Life says you use a special cable. Having said that you could use a CAT 5e Cross-Over Cable click here to connect the two Ethernet ports together and transfer files using peer to peer.

  mad1234 16:43 08 Aug 07

do you have a router for the internet? if you do then you can connect them together using that(we can give you more info on that if necessary) if not then i do believe you can do it using just a lan cable but i'm not sure

  Thatslife 17:58 08 Aug 07

No router, I'll try the LAN cable and let you know how I get on.

Thanks for the help.


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