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PC optimising

  Jacques 08:05 02 Nov 05

I have been looking at some downloads for optimising my PC. Registry clean, Internet speed etc. However not being am expert I have some fear of running anything that changes settings and particularly in the Reigistry. I have come accross one called PC Pitstop Optimiser. Anyone know anything about it. Does it do the same job as the PC advisor reeccomended download of PC Tools Reg Mechanic ?
Any recomendations/advice gratefuly received

  Diodorus Siculus 08:25 02 Nov 05

CrapCleaner from ccleaner.com will clear out any unnecessary files; it also has a registry cleaner.

It is safe and pretty good.

PCPitstop is good too - just use their site for analysis.

  Jacques 09:59 02 Nov 05


Is there one of these one that does more (and safely ) than the other than. For example Pit Stop (it says) clears out other garbage, other than that just in the registry

  Chegs ® 10:31 02 Nov 05

The "free" optimizer from PC Pitstop isn't free.I have it on my system,it clears the junk AND alters the registry settings to optimise the connection.It only has two presets for MTU 1492/1500 and I've found that 1492 works best during the day,the 1500 works best thru night.It also only has two presets for TCP Receiving 256960/255552,all these settings can be adjusted with Dr TCP,which IS free.The crap can also be removed by Ccleaner,also free.Save your bandwidth and cash and avoid PC Pitstop Optimizer.

  Jacques 15:19 02 Nov 05

Thanks Chegs

Forgive my ignorance but what is MTU 1492/1500 ?

BTW I am on a dial up, sadly, because I am out in the boonies in France. I do not mind paying for a good product (?) such as Pit Stop if it works well, and I knew it is not free. If it does the job for the likes of me,and means that I do not have to use two products to get a result. Then I would be a happy bunny.

  woodchip 15:23 02 Nov 05

Registry Mechanic 4 on the PCA Cover CD

  Chegs ® 15:56 02 Nov 05

(M)aximum (T)ransmission (U)nit,but on dialup,these are irrelevant(or tweaking them is)

  absent 16:48 02 Nov 05

This is very good, I think it was Woodchip who put me on to it click here

  woodchip 17:58 02 Nov 05

Yes that was me. It found and sorted two Kernel errors the other day for me.

  Jacques 19:15 02 Nov 05

Thanks a lot to you all. I think I have got my head round this now!

And BTW wee Eddie. A belated happy birthday to you. You have given me/us the most amusing series of replies I have seen on the forum for ages,and I don.t care if was not a "technically related" question

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