PC Not starting

  Daveboy1976 18:25 02 May 04


Ihave just put together a PC. When I plug it in, I get nothing. No fans, nothing. Could it be that if I get this the mother board is knackered. The PSU defiantely works so its not that. If I had put the power button socket on the wrong pins would it have this effect?
If the chip has been fried would this cause this. I dont get anything at all. I would have thought that I would get some response whether it was PSU fan or heatsynch fan, but nothing.


  Rayuk 18:33 02 May 04

Try switching the small power plug on the motherboard to the case switch the other way round.

  cdb 18:33 02 May 04

No lights, no bleeps no nothing?

Do you have power to the pc? ie fuse in plug hasn't blown? power is turned on? Check all the basic stuff first just incase it's anything obvious.

  Rayuk 18:34 02 May 04

When you say "I plug it in I get nothing" I presume you mean you switch it on via case,and have checked power switch on psu itself

  Daveboy1976 18:36 02 May 04


I am using the psu lead from my other PC, so thats fine. I will try switching the lead later, but yeah, i get nothing. No bleeps, no lights, nothing. Grr, bloody PC. I know the memory is fine as that came from a working machine. I am not sure about the mobo and the chip tho. Would these being faulty cause this problem?


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