PC not powering HD

  Driftfog 11 Apr 11

Hi all, Ive been lurking here for months and finally signed up to ask my own question. I have an ixtreme desktop pc win7, intel core 2 processor, NVIDIA gt320 Vid card, 1TG, 4 gig DDR3 ram. The problem I have been experiencing is when starting up, for a while it took up to 20 minutes before anything was showing on the screen then ran for hours on end no problem, the last couple of days I have to start it 8 or more times as only the fans operate and nothing from the HD or from the flashing light indicating its working. I am suspicious its the PSU but not sure as worried it could be the motherboard, with penny's tight and the fact I like the win7 and this system as it does me for what I need I am hoping for a cheap fix. I am not an expert far from it but I dont mind getting in and learning, oh the system is dust free as I check every few months.

Thanks for any help. Ste

  woodchip 11 Apr 11

Yes sounds like the PSU is on its way out or its not up to the job, needs one with more Watts and better quality

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11 Apr 11

try swapping the power connection to the HDD if you have a spare from the PSU.

they are often run from two different lines in the PSU.

  wee eddie 11 Apr 11

Are you getting a 'Beep' when you turn the System on?

  Driftfog 11 Apr 11

Thanks guys, I will try the suggestions tomorrow, and no beeps at all from the system. Ste


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