Pc not booting! - £300 Doorstop?

  Mytob 12:50 05 Dec 05


I just finished building my new pc yesterday and after a few problems with getting a os on there i managed to get it working. After getting it going i pluged in my internal dvd drive to replase the external one i was using befor and a wirless lan card. I then turned it on and thats when it dident work. I did get a slow beeping noise out of it which i later found ment that there was a RAM error. So i pulled out the lan card and the cd rom and now nothing. Power is still getting to the mobo as the cpu fan is still spinning and a few lightes are on. What is worrying me is that the 2 lights on the mobo are saying its a cpu/chipset error.
Any one got any ideas what may be up with it?

  woodchip 12:54 05 Dec 05

You did turn the Wall plug off when you pulled the Ram?

  Mytob 12:57 05 Dec 05

yes i had it unpluged from the wall and used anti static mat and wrist band.

  Skills 13:07 05 Dec 05

It probably a good idea to strip things back to a minimum eg graphics card, one stick of ram and leave the floppy disk connected if you have one and see if you can boot using a boot floppy.

Do you get any beeps from the system on startup?

  woodchip 13:09 05 Dec 05

Have you put the Memory in the lowest slot 0 or 1?

  Mytob 13:19 05 Dec 05

This a bare pc at the moment. It has a on bord gforce 6100. As for mrmory banks i have for and i have put it in DIMMA1 which is the same one i way using befor the problem occured. I dont get anything on the screen and the power button does not even light up any more. I did once have a similer problem with upgrading ram in my bros laptop. The ram was incompatible and nuting happeded when trying to boot it. Put the old dimm back in and no probs. Makes me think its a ram prob.

  woodchip 13:22 05 Dec 05

What computer are you using at the moment

  Mytob 13:35 05 Dec 05

my other one. Trust me i have alot of them!

  woodchip 13:39 05 Dec 05

Why not try a stick of ram from one of them! if know it works

  Mytob 13:46 05 Dec 05

there all old pcs. Im going to get a stick from a friend i hape today so il try that. BTW are older pci devices compatible with pci experss mobos?

  Smiler 14:12 05 Dec 05

Is the psu connected to the board correctly or is it faulty

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