PC Monitor flashing bright to dark??!!

  g40 16:29 06 Dec 07

Once my PC has been on a while, the display starts to "flash" intermittently from bright to dark, sometimes rapidly, also at times when i boot up, there are missing elements of the desktop, or black borders around any display shown. checked all connections, reinstalled driver for monitor, what next i can only wonder!?, its making the thing unuseable and its as well i don't have epilepsy!! Any ideas gratefully accepted.

  rossgolf 17:02 06 Dec 07

how old is it? model make?

  g40 17:13 06 Dec 07

Its about 5 years old i think, thank you, G

  Meshuga 18:31 06 Dec 07

Sounds like the Backlight is failing. Not sure how to replace lamp on that make. Try contacting LG support.

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