PC Memory

  Iceman1978 21:08 19 Sep 04

I just upgraded my pc with a new processer & memory, everything was fine until I started to use NERO. Using the program causes my machine to shut down. I have had these shutdown problems before. And its got to be caused by the memory. I bought 2x 512mb of OCZ memory - dual channel on a ASUS P4P800 Deluxe motherboard. Is it just me or can Memory manufacturers not make reliable memory. I have only got good reliability from my crucial memory. Any one else had any problems with OCZ memory.

  Iceman1978 21:14 19 Sep 04

I put in my old memory and now nero doesnt crash the pc. I think some manufacturers of memory could do with a big kick up the bottom. I upgraded the memory to match my proccessor, now im going to have to have it sent back

  TomJerry 21:27 19 Sep 04

Some memory are not compitable with some motherboards. This is a well known problem. So, the memory you got may not be faulty. Do not be suprised if the supplier charges you a re-stock fee by returning no-faulty stuff. Good luck.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:47 19 Sep 04

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  Sion 21:51 19 Sep 04

Before you buy any memory you should always check with the motherboard manufacturer what memory it recomends in its boards. If you look in the manual, or on the website, they usually have a list of tried and tested. It didn't use to be a problem but as memory has gotten faster, and is really reaching the maximum of what current DDR modules are capable of, so motherboards become increasingly "fussy".

But as you say, Crucial is always the easiest option to take. Not the fastest memory, but since its the most widespread, compatibility is usually guaranteed.

  Iceman1978 00:02 20 Sep 04

I think I should have sticked with crucial memory, as its never let me down in the past. I thought matching my processer and memory would make it more stable. I think I will get charged a restocking fee as well :( Just a pain in the butt as my pc will be out of action for a couple more weeks, as well as the extra cost.

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