PC manufacturers

  ellese 22:48 02 Jan 03
  ellese 22:48 02 Jan 03

Can anyone tell me who they think overall is the best manafacturers of PC's(Time, mesh, evesham, systemax, dell and so on)as it will help me to decide which systems to look at when i buy one.

  Thin White Duke 22:53 02 Jan 03

Hmm, this is like which is better Intel or AMD.

  Simon_P 22:58 02 Jan 03

Well there is probably no such thing! it all depends on your needs and your buget, I personally prefer to have a pc custom made by a smaller local busness. this because it is more persional and you have a face to talk to and discuss your requirements with. Small shops are gererally well priced and they offer good servise as they want you to go back to them and to tell your friends about them.
It is however just my opinion

  wee eddie 23:11 02 Jan 03

So you should not use a smattering of problems here as a guide to the general ability of a company to perform.

Christmas is a rush for everyone (I'm in catering so I know what the word rush means) so the sane buyer avoids this period, it also means that the Help Lines are blocked for about a month, sorting out both simple and serious problems.

Spend the time working out what your requirements are, and don't worry too much about the processor speed. Most users cannot tell the difference as it is measured in Nano-seconds or whatever. The software you use is probably more important than box that runs it.

  jazzypop 23:18 02 Jan 03

All the major (and minor) manufacturers are capable of producing a fast, cheap PC that will work trouble-free for years, and will provide exactly the level of service you hoped for.

They are all also capable of producing an absolute dog of a PC, that will spark a seemingly endless thread in ConsumerWatch, with much gnashing of teeth, and an inexplicably dire and bizarre excuse for a 'Customer Service' department.

Although I have probably dealt with a dozen or more system suppliers (for my own PCs, and those of friends and colleagues), I would not consider for one moment that I could provide a useful assessment of their current relative merits.

Sadly, although I fully understand the sentiments behind your question, I do not think that you will get a definitive answer. You will probably get many opinions - I predict that for every 'xxx is great', you will get a corresponding 'xxx was awful for me'.

The only positive advice I can offer is to think carefully about your current and near-future needs, come up with the spec or features that you think that you might need, and shop around.

By all means, once you have narrowed your potential suppliers down to two or possibly three, post back and ask if anyone has had any recent experiences with those particulars PCs from those companies.

I'm sorry if this sounds negative, but the reality is that the overwhelming majority of users are perfectly happy with their supplier. Sadly, the proportion who are not is still unacceptably high.

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