PC Losing Settings

  IT_Dude 09:18 05 Sep 06

My pc keeps losing its settings every now and then. It loses my homepage settings and program settings etc. Any idea's what causing this? Its a W2k machine.

  Graham. 09:29 05 Sep 06

Could be the CMOS (motherboard) battery has failed.

  silverous 09:32 05 Sep 06

Could be some kind of spyware/virus, do you scan for those things?

Doubt it will be CMOS battery - that isn't used to store such settings, if it was clock then yes, but those are all stored by windows.

What does it change them to? Can you give some examples?

  IT_Dude 12:51 05 Sep 06

Well it changes my homepage back to the original one, which is the dell homepage instead of my works intranet page.
When i go into MS Word for example, it comes up with that username/initial box...as if its the first time i've used the product.
Its connected to network at work, and it seems to be creating a new local profile each time i log in?
Any idea's guys??

  silverous 13:26 05 Sep 06

Maybe your company have 'roaming profiles' which are overwriting any changes you make. Is it their policy to not allow these things to be changed? If it was, I wouldn't expect you to be able to even change them in the first place. Have you spoken to your IT people?

  IT_Dude 17:18 05 Sep 06

No, we dont use roaming profiles..they are all local profiles. The 400 other pc's on the network dont have this problem?

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