PC locks up very often, How to diagnose lock ups?

  FirefIy 24 Jul 13

Hello, My PC keeps freezing (locking up) every hour or so, and happens for around 10-15 seconds, programs I'm running start not responding, but I have move my mouse cursor, then my mouse cursor freezes and everything is frozen for around 10 seconds. I'm not really sure what's the cause of this.

My PC specs: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 (MB) AMD Phenom II x4 965 (CPU) Nvidia GTX 650 (GPU) Hyper xblu 4 GB 1,3 Ghz (RAM)

  rdave13 24 Jul 13

Run core temp by the side of your browser or select 'always on top' under the options tab for now. You can then monitor your CPU. If it's getting hot, then you need to clean the innards of the PC. Straighforeward if a desktop. Common sense applies but if you need a bit of guidence we'll be happy to share how we do it as cheaply as possible. Usually free.

  FirefIy 24 Jul 13

PC's new, I've assembled it my self, I doubt it's dust in my CPU's cooler.

  FirefIy 24 Jul 13

PS. I've checked the tempreature of my CPU and it's around 55 degrees celcius when I'm playing games, and that's not much for an AMD processor.

  rdave13 24 Jul 13

Could be a faulty ram module.

  FirefIy 24 Jul 13

Last time I checked my Ram using ramtest86 it showed me no errors.

  woodchip 24 Jul 13

Try reducing Graphics acceleration in Display properties, Control Panel

  FirefIy 24 Jul 13

I'm starting to think that the CPU is faulty.

  FirefIy 24 Jul 13

Speed fan: PC Idle click here

  rdave13 24 Jul 13

What does core temp show?

  nickf 24 Jul 13

Not trying to teach you to suck eggs , but I assume you have checked all cards , ram etc are seated fully ? also I have had freeze ups when I have loaded new drivers for my GTX680 , especially beta .


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