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Pc locks up still!!

  Bluescreen 13:02 25 Apr 03

Hi all

Although i have moved on to bigger, better things since I built this p.c, it still has me baffled!!

It was my first build.

Used a Pc chips 841lmr(AMI Bios) board with 2000xp running Xp. It has 512DDR 2100 ram (Kingston). no weird software and was all clean installed on a new Seagate 40gig7200 HHD.

The problem is that when you turn the clock to 133Mhz to get her to run at 1.53MHz, she will freeze at a ny time. Sometimes 1hr,3hrs,1 day or 3days but will freeze!Cooling is fine with 39c on the cpu and PSU 'seems' ok. (but not checked)

Has anyone got any ideas? Son uses pc set at 100Mhz so only running at 1.1Mhz. Solid as a rock at this seting.

Look forward to any advice.

( ps. never used Pc chips since and never had any other problems)

  y_not 13:42 25 Apr 03

Took PC World 5 months to accept that there was a problem!

Finally identified it as either RAM or the connection from the RAM to mainboard that was causing the problem.

Sometimes froze after 5 minutes....when PC World tried it they ran a programme for three days and it never froze once....when they stopped the programme it promptly froze!

Don't know how you check it but thats what happened to me.

Hope you get it sorted soon (remember the frustration)

  Bluescreen 15:18 25 Apr 03


Could be mobo connection? I suppose this is all that could be left. I can't see it being software, as it would lock up at 1.1Mhz as well as 1.47Mhz.

It can't be ram as swopped a dozen times with others with different speeds.

Any other ideas?

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