PC locks up

I decided to download DriveSentry from October’s dvd. It unzipped OK but at some further point in the installation my desktop screen froze. The cursor moved but was ineffective. Keys don’t work so I couldn’t call up Windows Task Manager.

I pressed the Reset button and the PC booted up but stopped at ‘Windows is starting up…’. Repeated resetting had the same result. I pressed F8 to try Save Mode, select the HD to boot up and the computer continues to ‘Windows is starting up…’And back to square one.

The only way I can turn the PC off is to unplug it.

Can someone help, please?

  Ditch999 14:19 11 Aug 08

Instead of selecting Safe Mode after hitting F8 try "Last known good configuration"

  pj123 15:41 11 Aug 08

I read the magazine from cover to cover but I never, ever install anything from the cover DVD.

The DVD is the first thing that goes in to the bin.

Thanks Ditch999. When I hit F8 my only options are to boot up with floppy, H Drive or CDROM - there is no mention of 'Last known good configuration'

  Ditch999 17:42 11 Aug 08

What your PC make and model and what OS is it. It may be a different option on boot up.

  woodchip 18:33 11 Aug 08

Try tapping F5 as it starts

Computer was a local supply in 1999 - can’t check its component names since I can’t open it to see system info! OS is XP Home Edition Service Pack 2.

Tapping F5 offers Windows Advanced Options Menu but arrow keys ineffective. ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ is an option but I can’t reach it. In fact, I can’t go anywhere since there is no response to Enter either.

  woodchip 22:14 11 Aug 08

Are you using a USB keyboard? if so connect a PS2 one just to get it sorted. only do this with the power off as connecting or removing a PS2 Keyboard or mouse with power on will kill the motherboard

Tks Woodachip. I have a PS2 keyboard but I can't load up the software for it.

Is it worthwhile just re-installing XP and seeing if that clears the problem?

  Ditch999 13:22 12 Aug 08

A PS2 keyboard does not need any software installed. Just make sure there is only one keyboard attached and that it is in the right PS2 socket along with a PS2 mouse

  woodchip 15:11 12 Aug 08

As above all you need do is plug it in with the power off

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