PC Locks Up

  Kiwi323 20:32 18 Nov 04

My PC locked up regularly some time ago and it was suggested that I had faulty RAM chips. I bought a matched pair and the system has been running well since, but...
it has now locked up as soon as it has booted up and I cannot use either the mouse or the keyboard. It has also locked up after being left alone for a while.
I have a ASUS m/bd with SCSI on board, SCSI CD-RW, SCSI DVD, SCSI HDD and an IDE HDD, P3 550MHz Slot 1 and 256MB RAM. IDE HDD is Boot disk, running Windows XP Prof.
If my m/bd is causing me problems, any suggestions which would allow me to continue use of current Storage units would be most welcome.

  Technotiger 21:20 18 Nov 04

Hi, I had a similar problem a while back; do you have a cordless mouse? in my case it was the mouse that caused lock-ups. Changed mouse, no problems since. Just a thought.

  Kiwi323 21:27 18 Nov 04

I have been using a cordless mouse and keyboard for some time - why should a problem just happen now? Is this a known problem with cordless units?

  woodchip 21:34 18 Nov 04

You may have a IRQ conflict. you should first check Device Manager look at all items. You could also check "System Info" under Accessories\tools on the desktop

  Technotiger 21:58 18 Nov 04

Not a 'known problem' as far as I am aware - just that the mouse was my problem, although not necessarily yours. I was very reluctant to lose my little pet, but not sorry now!! Good luck anyway.

  Kiwi323 22:21 18 Nov 04

Thanks - I have checked all your suggestions but no conflicts found.

  woodchip 10:29 19 Nov 04

Try this you can put it back if there is no change. But I read a thread where the PCI Dial-Up Modem was the problem. He removed it and that ended the problem

  Kiwi323 00:32 20 Nov 04

I am willing to try this as I now use ADSL but I have not had the same problem for some time. If the thread remains open long enough, I'll let you know.

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