PC LINUX OS download site

  rossgolf 20:47 20 May 08

i have tried to download this off of the official site. and when i use the Ireland mirror it always fails. other mirrors are toooo slow.
anyone no of a different location?

  skidzy 21:01 20 May 08

Try the Dutch mirror Ross,always seem to be a good performer for me
Direct link click here

  rossgolf 21:02 20 May 08

cheers. im only getin about 70 kb/s
with the irish one i was getin about 600 lol
ill have to put up with it then lol cheers

  rossgolf 21:03 20 May 08

is there anyway of carryin on the download tomorrow becuase i dont think it will complete by the time i go to sleep?

  rossgolf 21:07 20 May 08

its ok now. i have found a torrent of it.

  skidzy 21:10 20 May 08

Your going to need a download manager Ross,what is your connection speed ?
Normally this download takes around 1-2 hours on an Upto 2MB connection,obviously depending how busy the servers and your isp is.

  jolorna 07:23 21 May 08

^ just to save the link

  iambeavis 10:43 21 May 08

Same reason as jolorna

  rossgolf 16:00 21 May 08

i have now downloaded it. but it has come as a sqfs file....what do i do with this?

  rossgolf 17:22 21 May 08


  rossgolf 18:04 21 May 08

ill open another thread for the other question about .sqfs due to it bein ticked as resolved before hand.
new thread
click here

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