pc keeps slowing down

  rsturbo 01:42 23 Jan 03
  rsturbo 01:42 23 Jan 03

about 10 times per min the mouse pointer flashes as an egg timer (i.e. system busy). it makes the pc slow right down. i have tried starting in safe mode and also starting in diagnostic mode with msconfig (i.e. no autoexec.bat, win ini, etc. etc.) can anybody tell me any way of trying to determine whats wrong? w98se 512mb ddr ram, asus a7v266 m/board
thanks for any help

  SafeHaven 01:52 23 Jan 03

press ctrl alt del see what programs are running.

  pc moron 02:01 23 Jan 03

Which OS?

Anything running in Scheduled Tasks?

Computer using the Swap File?- memory/resources full?

  pc moron 02:03 23 Jan 03

Sorry, Win98SE.

  rsturbo 02:21 23 Jan 03

well except systray and explorer.
nothing running anyway in safe mode.

  pc moron 02:33 23 Jan 03

Does the egg timer only appear whilst online, or all the time?

  rsturbo 02:51 23 Jan 03

even happens in safe mode

  rsturbo 12:36 23 Jan 03

any more ideas would really be appreciated

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