PC Keeps Haging when Online...

  Lerm 11:42 15 Oct 06

Repeatedly, in the past few weeks, the computer keeps hanging when online with 'Server not Found' coming up, when logged on. I use Firefox, IE and occasionally Opera. They all do it.

I have recently done a spyware removal (posted about on another thread here).

Is the problem my ISP (Tiscali) or is it something in my connection settings doing it?

It doesn't just happen when the PC has been idle online, either.

When it does happen, it require a complete reboot of the PC to get rid of the problem - until it happens again.

Any expertise much appreciated.

  Lerm 12:38 15 Oct 06

Drat, no edit function here! that should read: Computer keeps HANGING when online!!!

  Jak_1 12:46 15 Oct 06

Usually 'Server not found' means there is a problem either with the server or the isp having a problem locationg the server by it's IP addy. I have this problem with one particular server based in the US and have to physically have the servers ip number after the www. but before the main addy in order to connect to it.

  Lerm 13:24 15 Oct 06

That may be so, Jak, and thanks for the feedback, but it can't be the problem solver. It's ridiculous if you have to type in an address just to connect to a browser every time. It's got to be either the ISP (Tiscali) or something in my connection settings.

Clicking on the browser icons then the Tiscali connection window coms up, clikc on it and that message comes up when logged on. Or, when logged on, try to go to a page and the message comes up. It's not just in one browser, but all of them.

Can anyone help?

  EARLR 13:58 15 Oct 06

What happens when you push Re Try?

  Lerm 14:03 15 Oct 06

Same result and message, EARLR

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