Pc keeps freezing playing games...

  John-1349073 11:54 08 Apr 09

I have the following spec

Processor: Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
Memory:4GB ddr2 RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO
500 & 80 gb HD's
450 watt PSU
Windows Vista Ultimate (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1

Problem - Running any game, the PC intermittently freezes - screen just jams, only way out is to hit power button. This sometimes happens within 2 minutes, sometimes within half hour, does not matter if it is basic game - Company of heroes or running all settings max on far cry 2...
Playing every day, this probl;em stopped, but is now back again with irregular playing..?
Using monitoring tools, temps are all good.
Can anyone please help!!??

  Seth Haniel 14:24 08 Apr 09

had two hard drives a 200 & 320gb
they were mounted too close together and the were overheating
though I monitored temp for a while and the wern't to much above normal (or as some response in forum that that type drive do run hot)
One drive has now been lowered considerably to bottom of case and touching would OK now

  John-1349073 15:28 08 Apr 09

Cheers Seth - tried it but no luck - still froze, both HDs were cool to the touch this time as well.
Had the same problem with 8600gts previous to this new card.

  citadel 19:23 08 Apr 09

if you have a cheap psu it may be faltering, causing a blip on the rail resuting in a freeze.

  woodchip 19:25 08 Apr 09

Try turning down acceleration of graphics

display properties

  John-1349073 21:59 08 Apr 09

Have suspected PSU, but not easy to test?
Have tried running games in low res with everything switched off & even safe mode and still happens...

  MAT ALAN 22:05 08 Apr 09

Do you run your games while you are running other essential services, good idea to turn off things like auto updates autoscans, screensavers that sort of thing, they can all atribute to PC freezing...

  John-1349073 22:39 08 Apr 09

have avg free, spybot & zonealarm all turned on, but not doing any scans - have been into task manager & switched of any processes/services not needed.
ECS did email me and say that the 9600 is not compatible with mobo as card is pcie-2, but video stuff all works fine and the pcie-2 cards are compatible with pcie-1 boards as I understand it just not the other way. Anyway, the 8600GTS wasn't pcie-2....

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