PC keeps freezing

  StevenStocks 11:47 08 Jul 06

But only during games, I've changed the graphics card, memory, hard drive but still the problems persist.

Runs fine on the internet and can use it for hours without any problem but as soon as a game is loaded the machine will hang and the only way to get into it is to reboot.

I'm assuming it's a motherboard over-heating problem which would be easily fixed by replacing the motherboard?

  thms 11:51 08 Jul 06

Don't run games on my computer. But if you give the specs for your graphics card/moterboard/memory and what games you are trying to run someone will give you an answer.

  StevenStocks 12:34 08 Jul 06

I've put Crucial memory into it to replace the memory that was already in it.

Radeon 9800 Pro is the graphics card but it's also a replacement.

Only thing that was inside the machine from when it first started freezing are the motherboard & CPU so I'm assuming it's the motherboard that's at fault.

  citadel 13:10 08 Jul 06

it could be the psu as this can cause all sorts of problems. I had to replace mine even though it was not very old.

  StevenStocks 21:44 10 Jul 06

Tried a different power supply and also updated the bios but still hangs when running games.

Smartgart wont allow running 4x or 8x does this point to the AGP port having a fault?

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