PC Keeps Crashing

  Stuffer27 13:44 09 Apr 08


I'm sat at work but my wife's just rung me to say that our PC has started crashing. Goes through startup and then closes down again - gets an error message saying "System has recovered from a serious error" then when she clicks on details gets a long list of letters/numbers.

Is this potentially a virus - don't know how it's got on there - had a full virus scan last night and nothing was picked up and the only site we went on last night was the BT Speedtester site to run some BB speed tests and the John Lewis site...

I've had a look around the net but there are all sorts of varying responses to this issue - thought I'd approach some of the experts for help! (If that doesn't massage someone ego then this is a hopeless case! Lol!)

  wee eddie 14:08 09 Apr 08

Or moved it to dust underneath!

  Stuffer27 14:10 09 Apr 08

Says she hasn't - just went on to check her e-mails...

  dukeboxhero 15:34 09 Apr 08

Stuffer27 you could see if it will start in safe mode>> tap f8 as its starting use arrow keys to select safe mode press enter then see if it will do a system restore to a time before this happend>>,start>all programs>>accessories>>
system tools >>system restore, let us know what happens,

  birdface 15:42 09 Apr 08

I would do as dukeboxhero says and see if that fixes it.Or maybe check all the air vents are clear of dust and fluff,if so inside will also need to be cleaned. Also if she gets into safe mode maybe run her security programs just to make sure that there is no nasties aboard.

  Stuffer27 15:44 09 Apr 08

OK thanks for the advice - I'll be back on later no doubt if I don't get a decent result!!!!

  birdface 15:50 09 Apr 08

Googled.click here= If you have to go into your computer just check that the PSU fan and the CPU fan are working Ok.Just wondering if it was anything to do with the Microsoft updates last night.Does yours download automatically.

  birdface 15:56 09 Apr 08

sorry you have already had a look around the net.And ran a full virus scan.That would only leave an Anti-Spyware scan to do.If you do a system restore and it still won't work I would check your Fans in case it is overheating.Is it an oldish computer.

  Stuffer27 10:56 10 Apr 08

Thanks for all the advice folks. Seems like a simple system restore resolved the issue. Downloaded & ran the MS Malicious software removal tool which found nothing - ran separate spyware & virus scans - nothing found either. Buteman - there was an update - wonder if that was something to do with it? Anyway all working fine & dandy now - much obliged to you all!

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