PC keep shutting down.

  TPSOM 02:13 08 Nov 11

Mainboard Gigabyte H55H Core i3(1156) Kingston 2GBx2 Window XP/SP2 Andyson power supply Using on board graphic.

After using for 6 mths, system keep shutdown with message"Powersurge on Hub Port. A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port"

Replace with all these...problem still exist!!! All USB port are not connected Replace power supply(new Antec 550W) Videocard(new HD 6450) New harddisk(Seagate 320GB SATA)and fresh install OS Monitor (new Philips) Mouse and Keyboard(both new) Bring back to shop on 2 occassions(with MB,CPU,RAM,Powersupply,HDD with XP). Its can passed the burn-in test for 30 mins without problem.

any ideas? I m lost lost lost.

Thank you.


  ICF 06:51 08 Nov 11

This solution could work for you PCI card

  gengiscant 06:54 08 Nov 11

Motherboard problems I'm incline to think. Are all mobo drivers installed/up to date?

  TPSOM 09:49 08 Nov 11

Hi Guys, Thanks for the reply=) Ill go back and try =) Wish me luck

  rdave13 09:54 08 Nov 11

As the PC is shutting down with this error showing I'd also physically check all usb ports for damage.

  TPSOM 02:28 09 Nov 11

hi guys, Manage to boot up XP(at Device Manager)before i can disable my USB port, it shutdown. From there i cant bootup XP again. Did a 'reset'on the BIOS. Same. XP or BIOS wont show up( except the CPU fan running happily) Still under warranty, think should sent back for repair.

Thank you very very much, guys!=)


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