PC just went dead

  wotbus@ 20:48 10 May 05

Just switched my usual PC on and 2 or 3 seconds later it just went dead. There is power applied to my scanner and my printer powers up ok but I dont see the red neon which I usually see under my optical mouse or the green power light on my joystick. Before I begin removing covers I wonder if anyone has any ideas? Its a Mesh Matrix 3000+ nearly 3yrs old. Thanks in advance.

  johnlecarre 20:53 10 May 05

Any noise of fans from the pc? Check the power cord fuse but may be the psu itself. You will have to take covers off. Probably a spare 4 pin connector where you can measure +5 and +12 volts, the outer pins are live the two inner are the returns.

  Eric10 20:53 10 May 05

It could be a PSU problem but check that the power switch isn't stuck in as this is the exact sympton you get if this happens. ie. starts powering up then goes dead after 3 seconds. Does it try again if you turn it off at the mains then on again?

  Jak_1 20:54 10 May 05

Sounds like you need a new PSU (Power Supply Unit.

  wotbus@ 21:05 10 May 05

Thanks guys. No noise nor any indication anything was amiss when I last used it about 4hrs ago. The on/off button does seem to be at an unusual angle but switching off/on at the mains does nothing. Power is going through the PC to printer and scanner but nothing else as the PC didnt boot. The strange feel (and new angle) of the on/off button is suspicious though.

  wotbus@ 21:09 10 May 05

Must be the stress of it all. The printer and scanner have their own supplies. My apologies for this stupid oversight.

  wotbus@ 21:23 10 May 05

Just been fiddling with the on/off button and it scared the life out of me when it began to power up but stopped again almost as quickly, so it looks like thats where the problem lies. I will have it apart tomorrow to check it out. Thanks everyone.

  wotbus@ 10:28 11 May 05

Hi all. Culprit was indeed a jammed on/off button - perhaps a less enthusiastic jab each day at power up is needed ;-). Thanks for all the advice.

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