Pc hijacked

  geoffbtn 16:23 13 Jun 04

A word of warning and a grateful request for assistance with spyware. Having just upgraded to broadband my welcome has been to have my pc hijacked by angelfire spyware. Spybot, virus checkers and any previous help listed on this site will not remove. Once it kicks in, and this is every internet search, it renders the explorer browser completely useless, locked onto angelfire.com and attempts to update Windows. Any one know of a cure. Very grateful. I would also like to go around to Angelfire with a large sledge hammer.

  SANTOS7 16:29 13 Jun 04

click here these should help

  SANTOS7 16:30 13 Jun 04
  johnnyrocker 16:30 13 Jun 04

do a search in the postings because this was successfully answered elsewhere over the weekend but not sure where.


  SANTOS7 16:31 13 Jun 04

click here dont know why first link not work try these two, good luck

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