PC has blown up

  QuizMan 09:37 10 Jan 06

I was using my PC last night when, without warning, there was a loud bang and everything went dead. I assume that it is the power supply, but it was quite late when it happened so I shall take a closer look when I get home from work tonight. If my assumption about the power supply is correct, my question is what else may have been affected? Could it have blown the processor too? I have a spare power supply in another system that I have built from spares following various upgrades so I suppose it will be a case of suck it and see, but would appreciate advice from others that may have been similarly affected in the past.

  De Marcus™ 09:40 10 Jan 06

If there was a loud audible bang you may have lost a fair bit of hardware, but there's no real way of telling unless you test it with a new psu. Suspect parts may have electrical scarring, boiled capacitors etc on show, if this is the case then you can assume that whatever part it belongs to is bust.

  QuizMan 10:08 10 Jan 06

De Marcus™ - thank you, although it was not what I wanted to hear. I was half expecting it however. Sadly, it's a newish, self-built system that I was really pleased with. Like all the other componenets, the case & power supply is only 4 months old, but persuading e-Buyer to pay up for a replacement PSU never mind covering collateral damage too is a whole new challenge.

  €dstowe 10:51 10 Jan 06

Check your household/contents insurance. You may be able to claim on that.

  DieSse 11:39 10 Jan 06

De Marcus™ is absolutely correct - from a PSU *bang* I've seen most things from just the PSU up to virtually everything - though strangely floppy drives normally seem to survive.

Unfortunately cheap PSUs tend to have very little in the way of protective circuits to prevent surges from blow-ups from getting through to other parts.

  DieSse 11:42 10 Jan 06

Be very careful about checking what *may* have blown. Visually inspect and smell (very distintive smell) parts. Putting a new PSU into system which has badly burnt parts may simply blow the new PSU and cause even more damage.

  cycoze 11:48 10 Jan 06

Swap PSU`s and go through the hardware, if it fires up then your ok if it doesent then the Mobo has probably gone, but worth checking the rest of the hardware in another machine.

PSU`s will go bang quite easily if started up quickly after being brought into a warm room from the cold, moisture being the cause, realise it isnt the cause in this instance.

  QuizMan 13:22 10 Jan 06

Thank you everyone for most useful comments. I shall install the spare PSU tonight with much trepidation. I've marked this as resolved, but will post again tonight/tomorrow if I'm successful. You can draw your own conclusions if no post appears. Thanks again.

  QuizMan 21:58 10 Jan 06

Phew, what a relief! It was only the PSU that I needed to replace.

  ade.h 22:19 10 Jan 06

Just for reference, what brand was it?

  QuizMan 09:38 11 Jan 06

ade.h - Sorry, I'm not sure. It's in the dustbin now with a pile of potato peelings on top of it. The old PSU came with a mid-range case I bought from e-Buyer. It is a salutory lesson to me not to skimp in future. I like the look of quietpc.com and although I've not shopped there before, I think I shall spend a bit extra on the PSU for peace of mind.

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