PC hard drive running constantly

  DAKAR 08:28 AM 11 Aug 11

Hi All My other halfs PC running Vista seems to have its Hard disc running continously and it is very noisy and annoying as the disc seems to slow down and then speed up all the time she has the PC on. She does do a lot of Family History on this machine and I wondered if that could be contributing to the running of the disc. Any advice as to what can possibly be done will be great Regards Dakar

  birdface 08:38 AM 11 Aug 11

maybe have a look in the Task Manager and see if anything running in Processes and CPU.

System Idle process should be showing about 97% if nothing running ,That is normal.Let us know if anything else using up the CPU.

  birdface 08:43 AM 11 Aug 11

I don't suppose she has a CD stuck in one of her drives.

I must admit I have a fairly newish computer and you would not know it was turned on except for the clicking of the hard drive

I often try Task Manager thinking there must be something running but nothing is ever found under CPU.

  onthelimit1 08:47 AM 11 Aug 11

HDDs do run all the time, and at a constant speed. More likely to be a fan, I would have thought. Take the side off and check for dust on the CPU heat sink - if clogged, the fan will speed up frequently to try to cool the CPU down when it's working hard. Compressed air is the best bet, but stop the fan turning while blasting that area.

  DAKAR 11:35 AM 11 Aug 11

Hi buteman and onthelimit1 Found everything normal with processes and cpu,so removed cover and found heaps of dust inside,so hoovered all out and everything seems to work fine again. A very big thankyou from the OH to both of you. Thanks from me for such good advice and speedy response as usual Kindest regards Dakar


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