PC hanging before WIN XP starts

  movementz 10:28 06 Mar 06

Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help me out plz.

I have a Dell pc from 2000. It has worked fine since I had it, never any major problems. Anyway, a couple of days ago, I switched it off and went to bed, it shut down like normal. Next day I switched it on, all I get is it goes to the Dell bios splash screen then the screen goes blank and there's a flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. It just will not go into the Windows bootup.

I have googled it and read many solutions, but they are a little confusing and conficting. I'm hoping someone here has a more definitive answer.

Thanks :)

  Smiler 12:04 06 Mar 06

Do you have a recovery disc you can use?

  movementz 12:20 06 Mar 06

Hi Smiler, no I dont :(

Is there anything I can use off the net?

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