pc graphics card

  downsman 16:40 02 May 07

I bought a pc graphics card but it does not fit the slots in my computer.How do I find out which card I need to buy

  Fluff 16:48 02 May 07

If the PC is brand new it will most likely need a PCI-E slot that it has. The slots are normally coloured. The older slot (AGP) was brown and sat further back than the white PCI slots. I think the new PCI-E is blue and is a smaller than the AGP slot.

  Belatucadrus 16:48 02 May 07

Identify the MotherBoard first to confirm what cards it can take. What card have you bought and what slot type is it. If it's PCI-Express you probably need AGP or Vice Versa. Normal PCI is possible, but highly unlikely as that interface on graphics cards is nearly obsolete.

  downsman 21:59 02 May 07

the computer is 3 to4 years old
the card I bought is too big and the insert too long and continuous whereas the slot is in two parts with a filled in piece in the middle

  Belatucadrus 23:07 02 May 07

Too big and too long aren't all that helpful I'm afraid, we really need to know EXACTLY what you have before we can say categorically what will fit.
click here for info on graphics cards and pictures of the two commonest slot types.

  woodchip 23:14 02 May 07

It's a AGP slot. But no idea what card you got

  downsman 14:37 03 May 07

Thank you belatucadru
I bought a pci express when I needed an agp
I was not aware of the difference

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