pc up grade processor

  cbx550 17:43 24 Jan 03

I am using Packard bell computer, and have
upgraded my memory from 64 to 256 also I built
in a HP cd writer, my processor is a Intel Cerlon
speed 467MHZ, what would a good buy be to upgrade
this. Also I feel confident to fit same, and are there any pitfalls to look out for??

  duplo 18:06 24 Jan 03

I think Via do a chip that is desighned to fit into old P3/celeron MOBO's although yours may be a celleron PII derivative..

If those dont fit I am not sure you have much choice to get a new MOBO and Chip and possibly new ram.

  AMD_MAN23 18:26 24 Jan 03

youre best bet would be to buy a new motherboard and cpu this will cost about £100 but otherwise the motherboard will not take much higher, it all also depends on what type of cpu you have is it a flip chip or a slot chip?.


  professor 20:54 24 Jan 03

i reccomend u go to a computer fair and get a mb kit the prices vary but u can tell a good kit from a bad one easily


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