PC going Mental

  smeghead007 20:55 31 Mar 03

Please help me. My PC is going completly mental. Continuously crashing, freezing, illegal operations buttons appearing all the time, exeptional errors, screen going blue all the time. It's a NIGHTMARE :@(

Added to the woes is PC advisor will not let me into the site. It tells me I have put in wrong e-mail or password but I'm putting in correct details. I am writing this via my son's e-mail.

I am a loyal fan....please assist

smeghead007 aka smeghead103

  smeghead007 20:57 31 Mar 03

I am running Windows 98 (if it helps) :@)

  powerless 20:58 31 Mar 03

What is your operating system?

  smeghead007 21:00 31 Mar 03

I'm running windows 98.

  powerless 21:01 31 Mar 03


Yes it does...

Start > Run > Copy and Paste:


Click "ok" and then click "Start".

Also run Disc Defragmenter and Scandisk in "Thorough" mode, may take a little while if you HDD is big.

Also Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Any Exclamtion Marks, etc?

Have you installed any new hardware/software?

Did this just start to happen?

Did it happen after something like a bad shutdown?

  graham 21:02 31 Mar 03

What is your operating system?

  mammak 21:40 31 Mar 03

i am a complete novice but what you have said is exactly what happend to me the other day it was one mother of a virus, couldnt even get into safemode in the end do a system virus scan

  smeghead007 21:52 31 Mar 03

Did the SFC. Logged back in...Blue screen....Fatal error. Crashed....But I do not give up.

Defragmented a couple of days ago.
Done device manager no exclamtion marks, etc?.

I have taken off everything that I have downloaded recently...

Any advice on viruses (or is that viri ? )...Maybe I've got one

  smeghead007 23:21 31 Mar 03

I'm still struggling here

  woodchip 23:44 31 Mar 03

If I was you try to get what files you need of the disc and do a format reinstall. It will be a lot quicker

  DieSse 00:38 01 Apr 03

The only possible advice is to install and run a Viru scan. If you can't do this on your saystem, you could hang you hard drive in another system that has a fully up to date AV program, and run a test from there.

If not, the most likely culprit has to be faulty RAM.

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