PC getting slower!

  simon_lambert 15:20 01 Mar 07

I know all PC's get slower with age, buy why does this happen? Any way around this? Also, I checked my System Info and it has 256mb of Ram, but the 'Avaliable Physical Memory is only 17mb! I'm not sure if this is normal but it doesn't sound good!! Si

  recap 16:23 01 Mar 07

Well simon_lambert your RAM is on the low side for todays applications to run.

You could do a system clean by deleting your cookies/Temp files/Temp Internet files. Remeber to empty your recycle bin.

Ccleaner will help with this click here to download the free utility.

What are the specs of your computer? You can find this by typing in dxdiag in Start/Run box.

  p;3 16:35 01 Mar 07

which version of windows are you trying to run ?

(eg.98se, win 2000, xpsp2?)

  p;3 13:16 03 Mar 07

??has the pc now stopped running?

  Kate B 14:01 03 Mar 07

Maybe, p;3! simon_lambert has quite a few open threads around he hasn't come back to. Hope he's sorted the machine out.

  p;3 14:44 03 Mar 07

now odd as this has been ticked as resolved but no solution given?

  Kate B 20:03 03 Mar 07

He's started a few threads and not come back to them. I guess we'll never know.

  p;3 20:16 03 Mar 07

I must not moan as I do have several open meself that will HOPEFULLY be resolved ....soon......this year....

  Kate B 20:38 03 Mar 07

*chuckle* We've all done it. Which reminds me, I've got one open somewhere, too.

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