pc game FEAR wont load!

  morgueman 23:39 29 May 07

Hello all, justbought the pc game FEAR.Tried to installit,gothasfar as the License Agreement,then pressed next and this error came up:In Function 'sdCustomRegisterUserEx': unable to create dialog!
I was wondering if anyone can helpmeor know of a site to look at that might be useful? I did download the online multiplayer for free but have uninstalled it, but the game still wont load!
I run Windows XP,Geforce Graphics Card.

  citadel 10:18 30 May 07

after you uninstalled the free version there may be still some leftovers that need to be deleted. look in program files for crytek, it will be in the ubisoft folder if you have any other games by them.

  Blacki 11:03 30 May 07

I too had problems getting FEAR to play. It installed fine but when i went to play, it kept giving me errors. I got some help from this forum and the advice was to download whatever patchs were available from the FEAR website.
It worked 1st time.
Thanks again to all

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