pc freezing/lags, video playback issues

  howard86 16:49 22 Mar 14


Lately I've been experiencing some problems with my pc. Its only about 6 months old and was purchased brand new/not a refurbished one etc.

Sometimes it is slow booting to windows (background wallpaper appears and nothing else). Can require multiple attempts before it loads, or sometimes just the one boot.

The computer has become laggy, sometimes the mouse will get stuck, and when typing if it happens, the letters are often missed out that were typed.

Video playback on youtube and I loaded and old Quake game today too which shouldn't be too demanding on the system, resulted in the sound sometimes getting stuck. Not cutting out but kind of repeating half a second constantly before it would continue. (This happened before my friends laptop went kaput the other day except the entire system crashed).

The pc is not low on disk space, it has 8gb RAM (but windows only recognises about 4 of it). It is winxp, but I've been intending to upgrade to win8 as motherboard drivers wont work on xp).

If anyone has any ideas please let me know as I'm hoping its not a motherboard or video card problem. Thanks!

  howard86 16:50 22 Mar 14

forgot to say I booted into safe mode earlier and did a couple of scans with malwarebytes and hitman and they only found tracking cookies which I removed

  spuds 18:10 22 Mar 14

There could be a number of reasons.

Have you loaded any new program's or on-line downloads, which might have started the problems?.

If its only six month old and under guarantee, I would inform the seller and see what they say, especially if it might end up as an expensive and sudden repair.

  wee eddie 19:09 22 Mar 14

You say it's 6 months old and then say it's Win XP. That just doesn't stack up.

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