PC Freezing, pc clock not sync

  Juba. 17:40 29 Oct 14

Hi for the past 3 days my pc has been freezing up at random times, the pc just stops working and states that the software is not responding. It does not matter which software i am using.

I can still move the mouse, i can click on stuff but the timer just spins and nothing happens and its states not responding. I try getting into task manager but the timer just spins and does not do anything.

Also the pc clock is also out of sync. It is now 5.29pm and my pc clock is reading 11.00am i did not set the clock today. When i log off and start the pc again the pc clock starts from the time i logged off. I have to keep setting the clock daily, but it still freezes on me.

Win Media player works fine, the songs keep looping if the pc is frozen, however if it is not looped then at the end of the song the media player will also freeze.

Hope some one can help

AMD Phenom (tm) 2 x 4 805 Processor 2.50 GHz 8GB 64 Bit

PS, I have ran malwarebytes, Windows Essentials, spybot search and destroy and CCleaner , I get nothing

  Juba. 18:10 29 Oct 14

Time zone is fine

Dublin, EdinBurgh, Lisbon and London

could the battery result in the pc freezing?

For info its Windows 7 Home premium service pack 1

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 29 Oct 14

Yes, renew the CMOS battery they are only a couple of ££ usually a 2032 coin battery on the motherboard.

  Juba. 18:55 29 Oct 14

thanks everyone,

Seems like an easy fix. I have changed one on a mates pc in the past. Will get one tomorrow, hopefully that should be the end of it. If not i will re-post

  BRYNIT 19:31 29 Oct 14

As others have said replacing the cmos battery should sort out the time but I doubt it would rectify the problem with the computer freezing, you could scan the hard drive as bad sectors or a hard drive about to fail would cause this problem.

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