PC freezing

  Iceman244 14:12 28 Mar 05

I will say from the start i am not a PC expert, so i will not have the knowledge some of you guys have.

Basically my computer is running more and more like a dog.

Its slow and freezes a lot eg when i try to select a link from favourites etc.

Can anyone suggest how i can carry out some maintenance to get the old girl running well.



  johnnyrocker 14:22 28 Mar 05

what operating system do you have? and do you have any anti spyware on board.


  Iceman244 14:51 28 Mar 05

I have Windows 98.

As for spyware i have spybot search&destroy and Adaware.

Thank you


  wednesday 13 14:55 28 Mar 05

How much free memory do you have?

  Iceman244 15:02 28 Mar 05

Sorry for being a novice but how do i check that?

  Iceman244 22:38 28 Mar 05

How do i check that?

  rabies 11:45 29 Mar 05

Right click on the "My computer" icon on the desktop, click on "properties", the window that appears gives you your computer details including the memory installed. From there, click on the "performance " tab and it will tell you the amount of ram and how much resources free. Or download Rambooster 1.6 from here, click here. This will tell you what your free memory is and helps you optimize it. It's freeware.
Good luck.

  thedarkside 11:56 29 Mar 05

Try this
click here

  Iceman244 16:17 29 Mar 05

Under performance tab it says.

191.0 MB of RAM

System Resources 50% Free.

Downloaded Rambooster but dont quite know how to read it or use it.

So is my memory the problem?

  rabies 17:10 29 Mar 05

If you open rambooster it will tell you your cpu usage and how much free ram. Set the target level of ram and click on "optimize"If you then go to "edit" you can set it to optimize at whatever level you choose when it gets too low. However, on this computer I only have 128 ram ( IGb on my main comp so I notice a difference! )but this runs quite fast enough except when I play cd's as well which hogs the resources. What programs are loading and running when you start up?

  the old man 17:27 29 Mar 05

Is there an equivalent to rambooster which will run on XP.

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