MOOGSTER 21:35 24 Jan 03

Can someone help me. For some reason my PC keeps on freezing when i boot up. This is some thing that has just recently started to happen. When it crashes i am unable to use mouse or keyboard so i have to switch off pc via main switch. After it does the checks for improper shut down the PC will work for about 10mins and then crash again I have used the pcpitstop program but it has not diagnosed any problems. Help me please!!!!!

  Lú-tzé 22:30 24 Jan 03

What is your operating system?

Try a registry cleaner.

Run in safe mode and run scandisk / defrag.

Diable any unnecessary porgrams running at startup (by running msconfig).

  kenny 22:53 24 Jan 03

it could be the system is overheating or the chip is going

  woodchip 23:05 24 Jan 03

This is most likely a driver problem, keep pressing F8 when starting to get options choose the step by step

  MOOGSTER 20:17 25 Jan 03

I will try SCANDISK the only problem is i only recently did this and the problem began. My operating system is WINDOWS ME.

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